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What is an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

What is an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

Alternating pressure mattresses are used by hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers for pressure redistribution which stimulates blood flow to nourish the skin.

The cells on the mattress inflate and deflate under the patient at a predetermined or adjustable cycle time. This allows time for blood flow to reach the skin healing and preventing bedsores. Air hospital beds are carefully designed for greater comfort and enhanced circulation. Furthermore, medical air mattresses also play a pivotal role in preventing — or treating — serious ailments related to extended bed rest, such as pressure sores and skin shearing.

Comprehensively equipped air hospital beds provide caregivers and medical professionals with consistency and positive patient results when treating or preventing bed sores. Hospital air mattresses are used by nursing staff which enables them to help identify patients at risk of bed sores and gauge patient’s condition by recognizing the six risk factors involved in preventive care.

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